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Divine Mercy Healing Prayers

Healing prayer for all the sick
Jesus, May Your pure and
Healthy blood circulate in
My ailing organism, and
may Your pure and healthy
body transform my weak
unhealthy body, and may a
healthy and vigorous life
flow within me, if it is
truly your Holy will.  And in your
infinite mercy and through
the powerful intercession of
B.V. Mother, St. Joseph,
St. Anthony and St. Faustina …

(adapted from the prayer of St.Faustina of Divine Mercy)

Oh Jesus, our divine physician, You are our Doctor, Surgeon, Medicine and Psychiatrist

And Counselor; because You are our Saviour and God. May Your Holy and Precious Blood which you shed on the Cross and which You allow us to offer in the Holt Mass and to share in the Holy Communion, (which we/I have received now) be poured out and

circulate in my/our unhealthy, depressed, infected (cancerous), defective, (weak and lonely) mind, body (brian, heart, nervous system, blood system…..) and spirit and may

Your Precious Blood heal and transform my sick mind, body and spirit and may Your Holy Body give me/us a holy and peaceful, healthy and vigorous life, according to Your Holy Will, in Your Infinite Mercy and trusting in the intercession of B.V. Mother of sorrows;

St. Joseph, all Your apostles and martyrs and St.Antony of Padua, St.Therese of Lissieux, St.Faustina of Divine Mercy, St.Padre Pio, St.Lucy, St.Blaise, St.Peregrin and Blessed Mother Theresa, Blessed Kateri and St.Alphonsa; in Jesus’ holy healing and mighty Name.